Saturday, March 04, 2006

Big Cap

What kind of a horse racing blogger would I be if I didn't make some public picks for today's big day at Santa Anita?

I think it's hard not to include High Limit in any selections, but I am going to go with Spellbinder here for the win.

I will also use a three horse box for exacta and tri combos using:

Spellbinder-High Limit-Wilko
Spellbinder-High Limit-Magnum

Good luck to all. Too bad today's raes aren't on cable for al to watch. Should be a good day!


Handride said...

hey did you see your question made it?
Portland, OR
Taking a look at poker's current rise in success, do you see any similarities or possibilities that horse racing could somehow create its own resurgence using some of the same "tactics" used in poker? Specifically, I am talking about tapping into the Internet generation. With the advent and rise of Poker Blogs and Internet poker rooms, Poker has tapped into a major demographic that a game like horse racing so desperately needs. Are the forces in power willing to take some chances and work with those in the Internet world and tap into some non-mainstream opportunities, or do you feel their blood may be too blue to make that leap?

I think our industry is willing to make that leap -- and the NTRA's efforts to efforts to bring the National Handicapping Championships to a television audience on ESPN is one example of that. I found myself watching people weighing fish on Sunday at the conclusion of the Bassmasters Classic on the same cable network. The poker boom has tapped into an audience that appreciates a mental challenge, strategy, expertise, and nerve. That sounds like handicapping a horse race to me -- plus, you get the thrill of watching an unfolding race that can either validate your handicapping skill or provide an opportunity for the player to learn and improve.

The Internet provides a wonderful opportunity for us to make up for ground our sport lost when it was ineffective in expanding a television presence in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Just think of how the racing world has already changed since the arrival of the Internet. We can now reach the racing fan in areas of our country and the world where residents would never see a word about racing in their local or regional newspapers. The key challenge for us as racetracks and racing entities is to provide compelling and well-written content on our Web sites, blogs, and podcasts to encourage fans to make repeat visits and learn more about our sport and the human and equine stars that make it special.

and also nice call on the big cap, looks like you hit the almostfecta, nice work

Lone Star said...

Off the track question: What's happening to D. Wayne Lucas? He has virtually no contenders for he Derby this year. I seem to notice a decline of horses in his stable over the last year. Is there a story I've missed?

Ruben Bailey said...

Nothing too major, except maybe the declining health of Bob Lewis. The racing legend's recent passing probaby has something to do with it.

Sometimes trainers just have a bad streak. Often times promising two year-olds won't even make it to the track, etc. This game is fueled by picky, precocious, beautiful animals. Sometimes trainers just go into funks see Allen Jerkens this winter as a most recent example. My feeling is that getting close towards the spring, and then summer at Saratoga, D. Wayne will be prominent again. This game can flucutate its inconsistnecies on a fairly regular basis.

Ruben Bailey said...

I did see tat they used both of our questions. Didn't really wow me with any new information.

Yes, the almost-fecta, my specialty!!