Monday, May 23, 2005

2nd Best Story of the Weekend (and other gossipy tidbits)

** After the amazing outcome of Preakness 131, I had to get on the horn immediately to my mentor and partner in degeneracy "Big Red"; never in a million years did I expect this lifelong horse fanatic to have the response that he did:(phone call transcript paraphrased)

RED: Hello?
RED: What?
RED: Why what...? Ohhhh my... You will not believe what happened to me. Did I miss the race? Holy shit I missed the race.
ME: WHAT? You what? No you didn't
RED: I am so embarrassed. You have no idea. I shut my eyes about 10 minutes to post and I fell asleep, I missed the whole race. What happened?

I thusly tried to recapture the moments of insanity that took place just minutes before. In between analysis, I proceeded to take my usual jabs at the old man reminding hi m how embarrassed he should be, but that it's ok, b/c after all, he was getting up there a bit in age.

** Bob O.: I heard you laughed at my notion of Scrappy T with a "Scrappy Who?" Scrappy bottom half of a $152 exacta my friend. Next time try and make your wager BEFORE post time, although sounds like you saved yourself some coin.

** Jebber: Yes, you are still ahead from your Derby score from last year, but those funds are drying up quickly. I'll let you know the next sure thing I come across friend.

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