Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"Where Have All the Experts Gone...

Long time passing..."

So it is now approaching 72 hrs. since Derby 131, and only one of the 3 MAJOR DRF handicappers has come out with any sort of column.

This is where information/niche/news sites falter. In order to keep people involved and informed, you need to be timely. The DRF needs to look at those who participated in the series of live chats leading up to the Derby, and realize that they can increase interest and participation by staying timely everyday.

Yes, Steven Crist is the Publisher and Head Honcho at the paper, but Stevie-baby… WHERE ARE YOU NOW? All of your throw outs were winners, and all of your winners are still running?

So with that criticism, I applaud Andrew Beyer who was right on top of it and had his response ready for the nation some 24 hrs. after the Debacle at the Derby.

Let's keep our niche news sites timely and allow readers to participate more and more. This will only increase interest and allow fans to be true fans on an everyday basis.


Chip Nelson said...

I worked for my now removed cousin Nick Zito in the 80s at belmont one cold Spring season. The Derby was the pay back or what went around finally came around.

Ruben Bailey said...

I have never seen someone so worn out/beat down/exasperated as Zito was after his defeat. Overall he seems like a genuine guy, I felt bad for him a bit watching him give post race interviews.