Monday, May 09, 2005

The Dust Has Settled (Part 1)

So the dust has settled after the fastest (and arguably the greatest) 2 minutes in sports.

Before I get to Saturday, I would like to begin Friday afternoon at about 2:20 pm PST.

With grand plans being laid to plavce about $30 worth of Oaks-Derby Double wagers, I felt like I gave myself enough time to slip out fo work, hit the ATM, and make it to the local OTB with time to spare.

Who knew the clock on my computer screen was 15 minutes slow!! After arriving at the OTB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OAKS I was horrified to see Summerly emrge as the winner. Jerry Bailey at 9-2 was a very nice pick, but thanks to my trusty computer screen, I missed keying Summerly with 5 possibles in the next day's Derby (see previous post)

Incensed was not evev close to how I really felt.

8-10 expletives and an order of large Fries from Mikey D's later, I cooled down and chalked it up to the mavens of fate above.

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