Thursday, May 26, 2005

If you write a blog and no one reads it....

...Doesn't matter. My sincerest thanks to Chip Nelson who remains the lone sole to post a comment on this blog.

I feel a little lull today. All week long I have been about one day off. Tues. was DEFINITELY Wed., Wed. was DEFINTELY Thurs. etc. Until today when today was DEFINITELY Thursday (Definitely Raymond. Definitely). Finally, the actual day!!

The horse world seems relatively quiet. Being that the Belmont is still more than 2 weeks away, excitement is somewhat on the DL. The Peter Pan is this Saturday and everybody is talking about contenders that may emerge from that race for the final leg of the Triple Crown on June 11th.

I for one am not that excited about the Peter Pan and its Belmont implications. Not being a chalk bettor myself, I am afraid that Alex is the logical choice, and in my mind the sentimental one.

Early predictions are that TV ratings will be down and overall handle will be up slightly. That is pretty much the trend with the horsies these days. If the non-betting public doesn't have story to rally around (their TV sets)then ratings will obviously drop.

Memorial Day Weekend will have me uprooting several Rose Bushes in my backyard and making a trip to the OTB. Horse Racing on Memorial Day Weekend? It's as American as Apple Pie. I just hope Belmont can get some decent weather.

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