Monday, May 23, 2005

Preakness 131 (pt.2)

What a race. Never have I seen something like that in my life (granted I have only been following thoroughbred for about 8 years now!).

Unbelievable. Standing inches from the television screen, I could not believe my eyes as Ramon Domniguez lost complete control of Scrappy T and just jumped right in front of a surging Afleet Alex. 2,000 lbs. of flesh moving 35 one instants disbelief, fear, excitement, pure wonderment.

Again, my tickets were losers (although I did like Scrappy T)in another leg of the this years Triple Crown, but again I walked away from my losses with a sense of satisfaction.

If there is not to be a triple crown winner this year, Afleet Alex is the closest thing and it will be hard to bet against him in the Belmont.

Maybe I am just to emotional, but I am still reeling form the events that took place Saturday as the horses turned for home in the 131st running of the Preakness Stakes.

My love for this sport only continues to grow.

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