Friday, May 06, 2005

D.B.D. (Day Before Derby)

It is the day beofr ethe Derby and I want to focus on betting the Oaks/Derby Double. Picking a winner of the Derby is hard enough...picking the Oaks AND Derby winner is definitely no easy peach.

Reading the transcprits from The Daily Racing Form (DRF) Online chats with Stevn Crist and Lauren Stich just adds my theroy that nobody knows nuttin.'

Feel free to base your picks on these two "knowledgeable" horse folk, and good luck finding a winner.

As far as my picks go, I am putting some small $2 dbl bets using:
Runway Model/In the Gold/Summerly with Andromeda's Hero/Sun King/Noble Causeway/Wilko/Bandini ($30)

In the Derby I love the Fusaichi/Gian'ts Causeway Angel and feel one of their progeny will come out on top. I also love Wilko, even with the 0-for BC Juvenile jinx.

If I had to plunk Los Benajaminos down on one horse on Saturday, it would be jinx-laden Wilko.

Looking forward to the best 2 minutes in sports!!!

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