Friday, May 20, 2005


Ok, so Eddington showed some great class firing home the final 2 furlongs, blowing past Pollards Vision and finishing strong easing across the finish line.

The bettors clearly loved this horse as they pounded him down to 5-2.

Presidentialaffair looked like a possible winner turning for home, as did Pollards Vision on the inside rail. With just less than 2 furlongs to go, it looked like a wall just slapped down on the inside and outside horses, as Eddington rushed to an impressive lead closing for home and cruised to a very nice G1 victory.

Can't be too upset. I did have PV in my double bets, but clearly it was Eddington’s day.

A 4th place finish by Funny Cide somehow makes me smile a little bit. Fans clearly love this horse and consistently bet him down to odds that make him unplayable, thusly easy to root against. Don't get me wrong, the whole Sackatoga stable/yellow bus thing WAS a great story, but that was some time ago; time to move on and re-focus on business.

Never a good thing to lose money, but if you do have to lose, this one we can stomach. Still have an exacta box for tomorrow's festivities that includes 4-5-6-7.

Here's my bitch of the day: The race day is over at Pimlico, and the NTRA places so much importance and promotion on the Special/Preakness double. SO WHERE ARE THE PROBABLES? I went to and of course Magna has nothing to offer the casual bettor except to send them to Expressbet where you have to sign up to get any kind of info. is teets-on-a-bull. This is a perfect example of the industry not embracing the bettor. The industry needs to embrace and not shy away from the "stigma" of betting. does a fantastic job of showing live race day probables, why can't someone be more attentive to the ongoing needs of the bettor who wants to be involved on a daily/internet ready basis.

UPDATE: This is why and Steven Crist are the absolute leaders in the sport:Special/Preakness Dbl. Will Pays If it weren't for them, where would we all be? And by the way, if you haven't read Steven's book yet, it is so fantastic, you will love it. Enough of the ass-kissing, just giving folks their due. That's all.

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