Friday, June 03, 2005

A Little Jerry Bailey Story for Your Friday Pleasure

So I have some friends in NY who are "well connected" (no not in the Tony Soprano way) in the NY sports scene and here’s how the story was relayed to me:

Local sportscaster wants to do an interview with JB for pre-Belmont segment. One thing leads to another and a few days later the sportscaster receives a call from JB himself.

JB: "Hey, I heard you want to do an interview with me?"
Sportscaster: "Def...waddya think?"
JB: "Well, on 2 conditions"
Sportscaster: "Really? Uhhh, well o.k."
JB: The interview gets done tomorrow at Belmont. But first you meet me at 9 am off of exit 41 on the LIE for 18 holes. Then we go to Belmont (3 pm post) and you can do the interview"
Sportscaster (who is a pretty good golfer himself): "Ummm, o.k."

So, if you are in the NYC Metro area keep an eye out for a little JB, pre-Belmont interview and I'll let you know more on how the golf game went.

*Short week this week and the Belmont action hasn’t really heated me up yet.

*Congrats to big Red who had a fantastic day at Belmont (but winning at Monmouth) yesterday taking home something in the low 4 figures.

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