Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Random Tuesday Thoughts

As the longest day of the year starts to wind down I would like to say Happy Birthday to my lovely partner Sara who turns 28 today.

There was/is nothing too interesting for me to get into today in regards to the world of horse racing, so I will leave you all with just a few thoughts:

*Rescue Me” Season Premiere (2nd Season) is on tonight at 10 pm on FX, I highly recommend it.
  • Good Review from Knight-Ridder

  • *If you haven’t caught Spielberg’s “Into the West” catch it…good times for all

    *Try not to balance your allergies with Sudafed uppers and Children’s Benadryl as downers, it’ll just make you crazy

    *Tuesdays always suck in the horse racing world!!

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