Monday, June 13, 2005

Now we can move on...

O.K., so clearly Alex is the man. No surprise there.

Now, can we move on to making some money? Even though I mentioned Alex's class level in my "Belmont Preview" I still couldn't be 100% behind him.

Betting the Triple Crown races is extremely difficult as you have to thrown all of your touting "expertise" out the window.

A hindsight bet of Alex/Andromeda's Hero makes complete sense as AH is a son of the great Fusaichi Pegasus so getting the distance was not going to be a problem for him.

Oh well, like I said, let's move on b/c the 3 horses I hooked up with Alex didn't finish last, but did mange to finish 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to last respectively.

*Belmont has a nice $44+ K carryover for Wednesday's card
*Only 135 days until the Breeders Cup
*Registration for the DRF Handicapping Tournament at Emerald Downs is currently ongoing for mail-in entries, but the internet entry system begins June 23rd.
*It is a small shame that G-Zapper was retired today, but at the same time glad to have that type of horse out of the betting picture come Breeders Cup Day Oct. 29th
*Attendance for Belmont Day this year was a paltry 62,274. Mostly due to the fact that coolers and beach chairs were not allowed into the park for the first time ever.

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