Thursday, December 07, 2006

12:30 PM (mst)

Well, I survived the blog panel this morning, and in fact, if everyone isn't lying, it seems like it went pretty well. There was a decent turnout, probably somewhere around 100 people (give or take). I filmed the first few minutes of the introductions just to give you all a perspective of everything from my point of view. The entire panel/discussion is available on video and the transcripts will eventually be available as well. For all of the information on those things just go to the RTIP website HERE.

I would like to give huge thank you's to Doug Reed, Steve Barham and the entire RTIP staff for not only running an amazing conference, but for making the effort to reach out to me and include me in the discussion.

Also, major thanks to Bob Wolff, our panel's moderator who corralled us from all parts of the country and did first-rate job of organizing our group. Finally, a quick thank you to fellow panelists Norah Barnes and Steve Dittmore. I appreciate your perspective, as well as your depth and knowledge on the subject - I love being surrounded by smart people.

Here's the video:

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff dave!! if you ever get back to town come on out to PM and visit, i'd love to meet ya.