Sunday, December 31, 2006

Adios, Sionara, Shalom, Hasta Luego.....


As the final post of 2006, I would like to wish everyone out there; friends, family, neighbors, bloggers, readers, fans, haters, trainers, jockeys, agents, horses (of course!), writers, journos, editors, ex-lovers, past flames, future partners and everyone else in-between - a very happy, healthy, prosperous, friendly, exciting, and enjoyable 2007.

The past year has been a roller-coaster ride of fantastic highs, tempered by the occasional lows - all a part of the journey through life. I am truly thankful for the opportunities I've been lucky enough to come across via this blog, as well as the relationships that have been forged.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over this past year. I am truly looking forward to an amazing, limitless 2007.

Please be safe tonight...
"I cant seem to see you baby
Although my eyes are open wide
But I know Ill see you once more
When I see you, I'll see you on the other side
Yes, Ill see you, I'll see you on the other side"
(lyrics courtesy of Ozzy Osbourne)

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photogchic said...

I am confused...are you a horse person or just a gambler? I grew up on the track and my dad races quarter horses across the midwest. I don't know anyone in P-town that enjoys the track, so it was interesting to read bits of your blog. Do you know Kevin Mangold?