Tuesday, December 19, 2006

OMG!!! (December Version)

What the hell am I doing???

The world keeps moving on and I continue to get bogged down.

I just love my compatriots who do an amazing job carrying the load.

I say, thank you!!

This group of talented writers/documenters continue to offer an amazing support group and an invaluable resource (no matter what the mainstream media might say).

I have not posted in several days - for reasons yet to be revealed - but the intrepid, tenacious group of bloggers that continue to create unique, compelling content have my back and keep hacking away. For that, I am thankful.

For that, horse racing fans should be thankful.


Jen Morrison said...

Wow, a post at 4 a.m., I am impressed. I enjoy your site and one of the best things I did this year was join the TBA..it's been super and as my workmates at Woodbine say, our blog sites are very valuable to the game. Haooy New Year
Jen Morrison - Toronto

Tote Board Brad said...

@jen, really? You've heard people that work in the industry say our blogs are "very valuable"? that's great! What I usually hear when I mention the TBA is "what's a blog?"