Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Twas the night before The Blog Panel....

I've gone ahead and posted a short, special video for fellow TBA-er, Quinella Queen. I thought I would transmit via the Internet(s) Ms. QQ's "home track" and let her know what they are pumping out to the racing industry here at the Symposium.

In less than twelve hours, horse racing bloggers will take another giant step in the advancement of technology in a slow-to-adapt, old school industry. At approx. 8:30 am (mst), Thursday, Dec. 7th 2006, this blogger will be speaking to a large audience who will gather to hear a panel discussion entitled, "The Blog: New Media Monster?" 70+ million blogs later and this industry is FINALLY getting a clue.


We'll see!!

I went out to dinner with 3/4 of the panel and enjoyed a Ginormous margarita and a rather tasty shrimp/chicken fajita. Sorry John, no chimichanga's for this guy.

This post is short as I am putting the final touches on the ole' presentation. As I told our panel moderator, Bob Wolff, I HATE using Power Point, but I feel like it is a necessary evil in this case. Putting facts and thoughts down on paper for what could be the equivalent of 1st graders (in terms of knowledge, education and experience in this realm) seemed like the best option for me to get my point across effectively. I've got my shpeel down to 14 minutes, and really look forward to the question and answer period. I hope people show up and are caffeinated to the gills!!


Quinella Queen said...

Thanks for the clip! We're looking forward to taking a little trip up to Presque Isle Downs when it opens. But did you notice that even in the drawings, the carpeting in the slots rooms is ... well, hideous? Has this been discussed at the symposium? Do they need to have garish colors as a warning system for senior citizens?

Quinella Queen said...

Whoops! I meant to mention that I believe the woman at the beginning of the clip is Rose Mary Williams, Director of Racing at Mountaineer.