Tuesday, December 12, 2006

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For those of you who may be new to the site, I say welcome. It has only just occured to me that there may be some new folks hanging around these parts - the stats just say so. Thanks for participating, it's great to have you along. We're big fans of participation in these parts.

I did, however, want to pimp myself here for a minute - it is my blog.

In an effort to help those that are here for the first time, here's a good link to something that speaks volumes as to the possibilities of the Internet as it pertains to Racing and Gaming:

AvgHorsePlayer Breeders' Cup Coverage/Month of November

If you want to get a good feel of what this site is all about, I've directed you to some of the coverage I did a few weeks back in the month of November at the Breeders' Cup.

Thanks again, and don't forget to leave a name or some sort of contact information if you post! (It really helps the dialogue thing)

BTW, if you know what movie is on the audio player above, or have any comments whatsoever, shoot me an email: drubin14@hotmail.com

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