Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Correcting a Fellow Blogger

In an interesting role reversal, I have been called to the table on something I have been “reported” to have said on another blog.

Horseplayer Magazine blog contest winner AirForbes1 wrote the following on his blog Dec. 8th:
Next up was David Rubin, creator of the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance. He described how he got started in blogging and how the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance came to be.
For the official record, as soon as I read this piece, (3 days after it was posted) I immediately posted a comment to the author:
“Dave Rubin (Homepage) on December 11, 2006 at 11:59 PM
Hey John:
Just to clarify, I am not the creator of the TBA: there were 7 of us who came together with the original idea and started the group.
Congrats on the victory!!”
I am prompted to make this defense of myself thanks to a concerned reader who came across the statement. When I originally saw what Mr. Forbes had written, I thought a simple comment on his site by me would suffice. The concerned reader either didn't see my suggested correction or decided that my only recourse for contacting the author - posting on his blog - wasn't enough.

As of this post, he has yet to make the official change and now I find myself in a position of defense.

Below I have posted what is the official bio produced by the University of Arizona’s Racetrack Industry Program for me (as a panel presenter). I wrote my own bio (as we were asked to) and as you can see, nowhere in the bio do I claim to be the “creator of the TBA”.

Furthermore, there will be DVD’s and transcripts of all the panels, and I will ask anyone who thinks I might have uttered those words to actually find it.

Don’t waste your time. You won’t – I didn’t say it.

John Forbes paraphrased my words and in doing so mis-quoted (or is it "mis-paraphrased"?) me.

We all make mistakes and if you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know I’ve made my fair share. Mr. Forbes is a good person who has made an error - hopefully he corrects it.

(click on the bio below to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

No offense, this isn't to be demeaning but when I stumbled across your blog I was excited because I love horse racing. But after reading you whine about yourself for months it's time to say adios. Maybe your blog is like fine wine and needs lots of time to mature. But for now all I can say is get a life.

Handride said...

ouch. Ruben, we still love you. Anonymous, that's why there are over 20 of us, hopefully you'll find someone you like. I would compare Ruben with cheese more than wine. He kind of smells


Ruben Bailey said...

mmmmmm cheese....

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are over 20 of you, but your best blogger, Jessica Chapel, quit blogging when she got a real job at a real publication. What's that tell you?