Thursday, November 02, 2006

6:20 PM Afteroon wrap-up

Surprisingly, it's only taken me until about 20 minutes ago to have my first official freakout.

After spending a good amount of time trying to post some interviews from this afternoon, my audio posting company (Odeo, very similar to YouTube) for some reason wouldn't let me post. Moreover, I didn't realize this until I had already posted the supposed audio on the site!! I yanked them down and now there is only one currently up. It is of Todd Pletcher talking about working for Coolmore. My video camera crapped out of juice so I used my audio recorder to finish the press conference. I'm still working on the situation, so hopefully Tom Albertrani talking about Bernardini and Aidan O'Brien talking about George Washington.

Other afternoon tidbits (whether you care or not)

-In my post from yesterday, I mentioned trying to find "The Moby". It is actually called, "Moby Dick" which I didn't realize until I pulled into the parking lot - and then out. Thanks to MT for the headsup there.

-Got my first chance to hold an actual Courier-Journal newspaper in my hand and actually read it. Over a Woodford/Rocks (my new drink) last night, I was amazed at the horse racing page that Jennie, Greg and the rest of the team over there put together. Those guys kick ass and work their tails off in their semi-private-cubby-hole-office-space overlooking the track in press row. It's one thing to peep the C-J on-line, it's a completely different thing to experience their work in the actual paper.

-Speaking of new drinks, tonight is the big Grey Goose VIP party at The Palace Theater in DT Louisville. I'm psyched, although I've got a 9 am interview scheduled with Dwight Manley, and I promised one reader I would get some Bordonaro footage. We all know how much the horses love the early mornings..... I wonder if the Geese do?

-Most of you know (ok, all of you) that the Mint Julep is the official drink of The Kentucky Derby but did you know there is an official cocktail of The Breeders' Cup? That's what I thought...NOW you're glad there are bloggers covering this thing. The drink is called, "DOWN THE STRETCH" and here's what it is:

1.5 parts Grey Goose Original or Grey Goose Le Citron
3 parts sweetened tea
1 part sour mix
Splash of Chambord
Black raspberries
Lemon wedge

Fill a commemorative Breeders' Cup Glass with ice and add Grey Goose Vodka. Fill glass 3/4 inch from rim with sweetened tea and add a splash of sour mix. Drizzle Chambord on top and garnish with black raspberries and lemon wedge.

Easy right? I'll make it the next time I've got Chambord in my liquor cabinet

-Tonight's the HUGE Louisville/West Virginia football game. If you haven't heard about it yet, well that's your fault. Here's a link in case you have managed to miss the biggest game of the college football season so far. Football/sports fan or not, check out ESPN tonight at 8 pm tonight if only to see "The Cardinal Blackout." Louisville will be wearing all black uniforms and helmets, and they've "encouraged" all of their fans to wear all black.

-Chip Tuttle stopped by my workspace today and introduced himself. We had a nice little chat. Nothing too formal, we just discussed a bunch of the issues that we've all been discussing lately here at the TBA. Chip is super accessible and understands, enjoys, and is a supporter of the blogs. If you have any NTRA/Breeders' Cup marketing/advertising questions, definitely email Chip (his firm was also responsible for the "Who Do you Like" ad campaign). Chip didn't leave me a card, so let's test him and see if he reads this blog. Chip, if you read this, I need a business card dude!

-More audio on the way...


QQ said...

You gotta be psychic! I have been meaning to ask about an official drink of the BC, since I've been finding only unofficial drinks: Cherry Perfecta and Woodford Reserve Manhattan cited as possiblities. (Apparently, there were ads to this affect at a previous Breeders Cup.)

Thanks for posting all the details inquiring minds wanna know!

chip Tuttle said...

Chip Tuttle
Conover Tuttle Pace

Of course I read this stuff. What else would I be doing Breeders' Cup week?

Ruben Bailey said...

QQ: Like I said, we aim to please.