Saturday, November 04, 2006

9:15 AM You can just feel it in the air....

Euros walk the backstretch on Breeders' Cup Day

- The energy all over this ginormous facility is electric. One can barely get a drink at the concession stand without showing a ticket/credential. One foreign journo was overheard saying, "it's the most police I've ever seen at a racetrack." Hallways, entrances, elevators that earlier in the week could be entered and explored freely, are now tightly guarded by green-suited officials. The greatest day in racing is here. The greatest track in the world is ready. Are you?

- I started my morning on the backstretch - as usual - but only remained for a few minutes. Where a crush of media once preyed only 24 hours ago, lay only a surreal, erie feeling of emptiness - the tell-tale signs of the clam before the storm. I caught a few of the Euroes going for walks, as well as Brother Derek making his way onto the track for a little stroll. I saw Librettist who looked very good and included him in some of my wagers. He just looked too good to pass up after seeing him awake and alive in the early morning chill of mid-fall Kentucky.

- As I said in my last post, the media room I am in is the "auxiliary" media room, located less than 30 feet from the paddock. It is actually a better place for me to be, as it is more accessible to the track and all things going on down here. Even better than that, the "Paddock Pavilion" (Aux. media room) is where all of the post race press conferences will take place (see photo below). After every race, the winning jockey, trainer and owner will make their way into MY media room to address the throngs of journalists for few minutes. Excellent!

- I'm not sure if ESPN or NTRA will be carrying these press conferences live, but I plan on audio recording each one and posting it here immediately after, so keep checking in here for continuos live updates. I'm still trying to track someone down who has the answer, but it is still on 9 am!!

Paddock Pavilion/Aux. Media Center - Post-race press conferences to be held just in fron tof purple banner in background

Red Rocks (BC Turf) goes for a stroll this morning

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