Saturday, November 04, 2006

8:10 AM Auxiliary Media Room (about 20 feet from the paddock)

-I'm not sure what the temperature is where you may be, but here in Louisville, it's currently 34 and rising up to about 54. Just a perfect day for the biggest and best day in racing.

-If you happen to know folks who may not be racing fans, make sure tjey at least tune in to part of the broadcast. ESPN will be doing its usual engaging, entertaining broadcast (whether you like Hank Goldberg or not!!) for SEVEN hours!!

With Fowler, Maine, Moss and the lovely Edwards, I believe the crew will do an A-Plus job. I will also be following the day via ESPN 360 - where suits promise non-stop live coverage of the entire day. I'll keep an eye over there, you can too.

-I've finally found my designated seat in the press area!! It's taken me nearly a week to get here, but now for the first time, I present to you, the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance "seat at the table:"

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