Wednesday, November 01, 2006

6:20 PM

I'm on my way out of here, now. Approaching 6 PM and I'm getting cranky.

Last night, I tried to go to The Moby but tried the ole' "memerize the directions" deal. Needless to say, my sense of direction around here is totally shot, so after circling the track 3 times, I finally gave up.

Tonight, I try again. I'm thinking, check out The Moby, and move on for a drink down at the Airport Marriott (at the behest of Oregon Racing's Jolene)


Mike said...

Seriously, without looking it up.
Take a right on Central toward Cardinal Stadium.
Left on Third St toward U of L.
It will be one block on your left.


It's less than a mile.

We used to park further away and walk to Churchill on Oaks/Derby Day.

Ruben Bailey said...

Found it. Pulled into parking lot. Pulled out. Wasn't in the mood for fried food. Media food is tasty but def. not the healthiest fare.

I wound up by Bellarmine Univ. at a place called Kaerina's. Very cool littl local joint.

"Backyard Chicken" (baked with bacon, cheese and gravy) was super yummy.

Mike said...

My old townhouse used to be right around the corner...if you were at Bellarmine you were very close to Bardstown Road...where I'll be spending all of my winnings on Drinks saturday night