Thursday, November 02, 2006

THURSDAY - DAY 4....or is it DAY 5?

9:50 AM, It is Day 5, and my hands are completely numb. After being outside for the last few hours in 30 degree temps, I am just trying to get some blood/heat to the outer digits so I can type!

Currently putting some film together.

Some quick tidbits:

Just spotted Luk K. and Trevor D. working on a game plan, etc.

Word around the backstretch is that as good as Lava Man looked this morning, Bernardini looked EVEN BETTER!!

Today's Churchill card is off the turf.

Weather is sunny and cold (only warming to about 40-45 today.


Mike said...

When you say Luke and Trevor are working on a plan, what does that mean? Trevor will call for ESPN, Luke on site?

Ruben Bailey said...

I think that is tha pna, yes.