Saturday, September 16, 2006

AFLAC!!!! I missed it...

Funny Cide, despite finishing fourth in today's Brooklyn, manages to pick up an 8k check. It would be interesting to know exactly what Sackatoga and Barclay Tagg are thinking regarding the future of this 6yr old. The horse has finished ITM 22 out of 32 times in his career. Not to shabby for a state bred gelding. But when is enough, enough? How much longer will FC be racing? Will he continue to face far superior competition in stakes races? He’s obviously not even remotely close to the horse he was just three short years ago. On the other hand, the horse is an earner and you would be hard pressed to keep resting an earning horse – especially a 6 yr. old. I just hope they take good care of this horse and don't pound him into the ground unmercifully.

Can you remember when you first hated getting up in the morning? For me it was kindergarten. Even at an obscenely young age, I despised getting up in the morning. Physiologically, we are all different and I firmly believe that some people are just inherently either night people, or morning people. I’ve always suspected I was one of the creatures of the night, hitting my peak stride later in the day - closer to sunset than sunrise. Now I am convinced. With time and clarity, I've been able to close that loop pretty quickly. Me getting up at 7am to be at work by 8 is esentially pointless. I need to ease into a day and move on from there. It's not as if I am immune to work, it's just that I need time to get going. Ergo, I'm NOT a morning person. It is later in the day and into the night that my mind is at its sharpest.

Did anyone catch the trivia question ESPN posed during the Louisville/Miami game this afternoon? I was in a jam packed sports bar and can only remember parts of the question, “What NFL player (or NBA player, not sure) rode a harness race champion?” It was something like that. Then when I finally remembered to turn back for the answer (how many times do you see those questions only to miss the posted answer!!) I caught them showing a harness race highlight from 1987 from Yonkers!! Of course I missed the answer and now I’m curious…..Does AFLAC, sponsor of the AFLAC trivia question found in most primetime sporting events, post on their website all of the questions and answers they pose during a sporting event? Don’t you think that would be a good idea? Think of all the web traffic you could drive to your site if you highlighted the fact that there is a special AFLAC trivia question page. In case you missed it during the game, just click on AFLAC dot com and BAM! a whole page dedicated to the AFLAC trivia questions. I like it. I like it a lot. Now only if I could get AFLAC to fork over some dough for the idea!!

UPDATE: Of course AFLAC doesn’t have a page dedicated to their trivia questions. However, they do have a “commercials” page where you can watch all of aFLAC duck commercials. But no trivia page. Big mistake. I would wager that they could be drawing a few thousand extar hits every weekend (and not to mention during the week) to their website (which in the end is what they really want).

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