Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy New Year and job opportunities....

Today's word of the day is: Temperance

Temperance: I had a very disturbing conversation to start my day today. Sometimes people just don’t get IT and that frustrates me to no end. Not being one to give too much advice on life, I happen to be fairly qualified to give solid, accurate consultation on things like strategic planning, communications and marketing.

When I come across people who are unwilling to change, adapt, or even entertain something a little bit different - a touch off the norm, perhaps – it puts a damper on my day. It's definitely no way to start the day, but that was the case this morning.

However, instead of acting on my immediate emotion (which might normally be the case), I was able to (actually, forced myself to) step back and take in the whole scenario and then go from there.

I am still pissed, but even moreso, I’m disheartened by the whole exchange. I won’t go into too many specifcs, but just know this sports fans (horse racing fans in particular) we have a major uphill battle in front of us. Implementing serious change in this business is going to take persistence and A LOT of temperance.

If you think you can take your game to a new level and want to become a player in the sport (maybe), then here’s your chance: (from

Outstanding Career Opportunities… 

* Do you have a passion for the horse business? 

* Have you ever bred, owned or trained horses?

* Do you enjoy wagering on horse races?

* Can you see the potential for broadening the entertainment experience at racetracks? 

* Can you visualize the application of new technologies to deliver the thrill of horseracing and wagering entertainment to people's homes via television and the Internet? 

* Are you an innovative, energetic self-starter with a proven track record for getting things done? 

* Is your creativity stifled in your present job? 
* Are you interested in a challenging new career? 

* Would you like to join a company committed to the future of horse racing as the engine for a global gaming and entertainment company? 

We currently have openings at the VP level and above for senior executives with experience from the technology and brand marketing fields.
If you possess such experience and have a desire to use your proven leadership skills to drive this world class company to the next level, reply in confidence to, by fax (905-726-2596) or mail your resume to: 

Raquel Kerr 
Office of the Chairman 
Magna Entertainment Corp. 
337 Magna Drive 
Aurora, Ontario, Canada 
L4G 7K1

So Magna is looking for VP’s….anyone game enough? I'm undecided whether or not I'll send them my information. Somehow I feel like working for Magna as a VP isn't the best way to implement major changes that we all know are neccesary. I hope folks see this however, and do apply for a position. There are some extremely talented folks on these here internet(s) and it would be great to inject some fresh perspecitve. For me though, my delusions of grandeur have a different path plotted for change-making.....

Over at OregonRacing, there is an interesting discussion going on regarding the DRF’s sign-in procedure and some folks are not happy with the technology being utilized on the Forms website. I know the folks at DRF (ESPECIALLY the internet(s) folks) are doing their best to take that site to the next level. As you can tell, it’s a big job. Check out the discussion HERE.

Staying in Oregon, this Sunday is the annual OTOBA annual sale at Oakhurst Farm. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attaend this year’s sale. Last year was my first and it was a total blast. I am looking forward to hearing a full report (JOLENE!!).

BTW, as I just noticed, Oregon Racing's Michael T. has just been elected to the OTOBA Bd. of Directors. Congrats, Mike!! The Oregon racing industry is better for having you!!

If you have any Jewish friends and you haven’t wished them a “Happy New Year”, then you should get on it ASAP…especially on the East Coast!!

Finally, here’s where I’ll be in Sunday afternoon:

Yes, I will be in Seattle cheering on my favorite New York Giants to upset (according to Vegas) the home town Seahwaks. The photo above is the view from our seats. Giants are 3.5 point underdogs.

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