Friday, September 15, 2006

Football Weekend

Yes, I'll be watching the weekend's various horse racing cards, but my focus will be on the football games that will be shown.

Saturday, it's Oregon(-4.5) vs. Oklahoma in Eugene. I lost money on Oklahoma last week when I was in Vegas, and I think Oregon wins by more than 4. Oklahoma is SEVERELY overrated. They just aren't that good.

Saturday, Notre Dame(-6) vs. Michigan: You might ask, "Ruben, how does a nice Jewish boy like yourself LOVE the Fighting Irish so much?" Well, if you must know, it comes from years of watching football with friends who loved Michigan in the most obnoxious way possible. These are the same Yankee fan friends who I despise when it comes to rooting. We used to drink many a beer on a Saturday afternoon at the Bailey home whilst both parents were working until 10pm. It was on those enjoyable Saturdays that my love for Notre Dame and hatred for Michigan blossomed like a spring flower.

Sunday, Giants(+3) vs. Eagles: F the Eagles. That's all I have to say. The Giants were one or two bad calls away from a nice "W" last Sunday night. Eagles fans can take a hike as the Giants DEFINITELY win this one outright.

I will be watching Funny Cide in the Brooklyn, but hopes are dim. Do I love FC? Not really. I certainly would NEVER bet on that pig, but positive Funny Cide news (like a victory or even ITM) is spectacular for the game.

Do me a favor and check out Dave Tuley's columns in the Daily Racing Form (
Dave is a friend of mine and I was fortunate enough to meet him and his family in Vegas over the weekend. Great guy. Great family. Fantastic columns. I am sure he would appreciate it if you stopped by the sports betting section of the DRF.


alan said...

I hate the effing Giants. For such cool guy, but you have lousy taste in sports teams!!

Ruben Bailey said...

Hehehe. That must be the Jersey in me.