Monday, September 18, 2006

NTRA/Breeders' Cup Recognizes Bloggers as Legit? UPDATED with Sadness....

Ok, it’s time to buckle down and do some writin’ and informin’ on a slow Monday in the horse world....

Although I am not one that is very good at reporting good news about myself, I am absolutely jacked about the following:

Yours truly, Ruben Bailey, Proprietor, Editor and Writer of Avg Horseplayer, will be on hand, reporting live and in person from the 2006 Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships at Churchill Downs.

Yes, the folks at the NTRA and Breeders' Cup are allowing me full media access for the week of the BC!! I am so glad the industry is finally grasping the future of the sport and embracing the concept of non-traditional media as a way of increasing appeal and reach.

I am eternally grateful to the powers that be who saw fit to grant me the privilege of being the first independent blogger to be credentialed for this type of event.

My assignment is simple. Don’t make an ass out of myself!!

I’ll be in Louisville from Sunday, October 29th through Sunday November 5th to cover everything from Julien Leparoux to Kenny Mayne and Ray Paulick to the many horses, trainers and owners making the trip to Kentucky.

There is so much to do between now and then. I have already begun the process of upgrading my site so as not to embarrass myself throughout the month of October and into November. Looking for site sponsors, story ideas, and creating non-horse publicity are all on my plate between now and then.

As far as my compatriots in the TBA, I really look forward to getting your input as we move forward. I realize the enormity of trying to cover this event by myself. I am so open to any and all suggestions from all of you. I look forward to developing some story ideas as we get closer to the first weekend in November with your help and guidance.

UPDATE: All of this of course, is now tempered by the sad, sad news that Lost in the Fog, one of my all-time favorite horses, was finally euthanized after a month-long bout with cancer. All of my thoughts and prayers to Greg Gilchrist, Harry Aleo and of course LITF whom I hope suffered as little as possible and enjoyed every second of his unbelievably successful life.


Anonymous said...


You are definitely the MAN !!

If I can help; do not hesitate

John at Swift

Tote Board Brad said...

Yeah, this is off the charts cool. Don't forget to pack your best blogger's haught and regularly refer to other correspondents as "old media" and, casually dismiss the MS(HR)M as out of touch a la DailyKos. [for those that lack the sarcasm detection gene, this is an instance of a blogger poking fun at bloggers.]

Jolene said...

Do you have a room yet? See if you can get into the Hilton Garden Inn by the airport. Trust me on this one.

suebroux said...

Congratulations! Yet, I am concerned about the use of the word "jacked" and its journalistic integrity. I translated the word to something a little more comprehensible and came up with "alzado con el gato" which means "something regarding money" with my cat!

Handride said...

you are the luckiest SOB around, do the TBA proud and punch some of these old media folks in the face for me. ;)

Superfecta said...

Have fun!

I used to work in the magazine publishing world and got press credentials to some nice events -- maybe I'll try for next year's BC myself...

Ruben Bailey said...

Sue Broux: I can't believe I used "jacked". Thank you for the literary bitch slap. I deserved it.

I am super psyched, thanks for all the support already!

Lots of stuff to do between now and then. My prep has already begun.

I will be staying at The Breckinridge Inn (groupies?) which is less than 10 miles from the track. We'll see how it turns out. I'm not too worried. I just need internets and a bed. I don't envision much sleep over the eight days.

And you can be sure I'll have my snarkiest blogger on for the entire week!