Friday, September 15, 2006

Sea Preacher Update...

It’s 6:15pm on Friday and I am sitting in a coffee shop in the swanky Pearl District. Not too bad, I guess. I’m just trying to work out the whole stress-free/free-time thing I’ve got going these days.

One thing I am learning quickly is: doing work at home is not optimus prime. Also note to self: taking muscle relaxers at midnight after several alcoholic beverages makes it tough to keep to a disciplined schedule. Everything’s a learning process, ya know?

Yesterday I posted about (among other things) the 4th race at Monmouth on Sunday. In referencing the unfortunate horse that ended my Vegas horse-betting escapade, I called him Sea CREATURE, when it was actually Sea PREACHER. Either way I lost my money when he went down on the far turn.

Kudos to Equidaily and Bloodhorse for posting a follow up on this story. I would hyper link for y’all, but with my new Mac, I have somehow lost the ability to use that feature via Blogger. I have been doing some research and hope to have that fixed by the end of the weekend.

In case you care, here is the address:

As I suspected, Sea PREACHER was euthanized. Good thing CC only broke his finger. The spill, as usual, looked WAY worse.

Again, kudos to Bloodhorse for the follow up. The lack of information that comes from events like this only hurts the marketing of the sport. I would hope there is some sort of internal marketing push for more transparency in the dispensing of horse news overall.

The only way to get people more involved, or introduce new, passionate fans, is to keep them connected. They need to feel a part of the process. Well-informed means paying attention. Paying attention is time and investment. These actions are crucial to gaining and holding onto a substantial, fresh fan-base.

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