Thursday, September 28, 2006

Business trumping pleasure..

In preparing to cover this years Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships, my attention has been diverted to dealing with more of the business side of matters. This is leaving me with less and less time to write creatively or expansively on the site.

No matter. This whole process is moving along rather smoothly and I am learning a ton about myself, the industry and a myriad of other business related matters.

For instance: Am I a more effective human while having a few beers or am I more functional afterseveral cups of coffee? Do I need to start smoking cigarettes again? Is silence better than lots of activity (when finding a place to sit down for the day to conduct "business"?) I'm not sure how anyone can be successful in life without knowing these key, personal details.

Today, I started contacting Hollywood talent agencies in order to try and find out which (if any) "Hollywood Stars" will be in Louisville for the BC. With thanks to Change100 over at PotCommitted, I was able to narrow the agencies down to a select 5.

UTA and ICM were both helpful and friendly. Though being transferred from head to head can be frustrating and mildly humiliating, when I finally got to the proper person, I was treated with respect and honesty. (Probably not the two most commonly used terms in Hollywood).

As far as CAA's a whole different story. Whoever answered the phone is clueless and was even a bit rude. Unable to answer any of my queries, the other end of the phone gave me this advice: "Find out who you want to interview, then find out if we represent them, and then get back to us." Ummmm, I don't think so. I realize this site is no Variety or Rush and Molloy, but press is press. And unorthodox coverage and publicity for clients can sometimes be more valuable than some MSM coverage. Bottom line, I will certainly not be going out of my way to track down andy CAA talent. With at least two other cooperative agencies, I don't need squat from CAA. And, by the way, it's there loss an not mine (ours).

If that last paragraph came off as a bit whiney, I apologize. Although the incompetence I describe above took place at an extremely low organizational level, its implications carry far and wide. I'm sorry CAA comes off looking like shit, but it's their own lack of personnel training that is to blame.

Enough of the whining....

I just got a great email from Patrick at Pulling Hair/Betting Horses. I am so excited to add the newest member to our little TBA. I have already added Starsfaraway to the roll call down the right side of the page. If you visit the site, you will see that Starsfaraway originates out of Japan and covers the world of Japanese racing. AWESOME!! Now we've got bloggers from North America, Africa (South) and Asia. Who says this thing isn't spreading?

As far as horse racing this weekend, I was delighted to read that Flamethrowintexan, winner of this year's Longacres Mile at beautiful Emerald Downs, is entered in Saturdays Hawthorne Gold Cup. Not only that, 'Texan should be the morning line favorite. This horse is a personal favorite of mine and I hope he lives up to his hype this weekend. The DRF has a cool little article on him and the race. Go there, sign in and check it out.

Finally, reasons #37 and #38 why Keith Olberman is great:

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