Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Taking Wednesday off, but first.....

So much to write about but not sure where to begin? Oh the Writers' Lament!

What I do know for sure is that I am trying to punch out something of an entertaining post before I go to bed. I will be unable to post all day tomorrow, as Wed. the 27th is my day off and I will be here. Clearly no available internet(s) (clothing very optional). If you've never been to any of the random hot springs spread across the western half of the United States, you should make it your mission to find at least one and check it out.

Beware of dirty hippies, though. Well, I take that back. Hippies are people, too. In fact, I am one-ninth hippie myself. We all have a little hippie in us, don’t we?

Bagby is one of my favorite places to take a brief respite from the daily grind. It is relatively close to downtown Portland, yet has an amazingly tranquil, removed existence. Sounds like a good hump-day expedition to take with new aquaintances.

As I mentioned here last week, I will be in Kentucky to cover the Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships representing the "non-traditional media." I have been diligently planning, preparing and gathering information for this adventure. Spreadsheets, Word Docs, email lists, to-do lists and a myriad other operations have been tasked and some even completed.

My original plan was to get all of the technical stuff done early, by about the 15th of October. This would give me a good solid two weeks to do all of the necessary research and background reading to prepare me for any and ll possibilities while at world famous Churchill Downs. I have done a pretty good job sticking to it. I am at the point of making my first phone calls soliciting sponsors for the site. I will let you know how that goes.

There are several strategies I am imparting, the first one will go into effect tomorrow via email!

If you begin to see some ads pop up on this site, please be both happy and sad. It can suck when a site gets some cumbersome ads, but hey, we all have to try and live, right? I am just trying to recoup some of the money invested in this endeavor. I'll keep you updated on how that goes. If you have any specific ideas, please do not hesitate to let me know.

As far as editorial plans, I have been mulling over a few different possibilities. Sue has put me on notice for both my lack of journalistic sensibilities, as well as her thoughts on editorial direction.

Both are much obliged, ma'am (do they still say that in Texas?).

Details of my editorial possibilities are varied and rough at this point. I am juggling technical plans and balancing them with editorial decisions and right now editorial is not my major focus. I will have a few calls in to ESPN and some of the bigger Hollywood talent agencies by the end of week, but for now, that's all I got. Which is ok. For someone who isn't usually a great long-term planner, I feel like I am right on pace.

The biggest setback I've had so far was a pullout from the NTRA/Breeders' Cup on supporting a publicity effort that I had envisioned based around the fact that they credentialed a blogger. Now I need to tackle that on my own as well.

Doing pr for myself is fine, but it does cause two minor issues a) it is another item on my plate, and b) I need to tread carefully. I need to promote the fact that I will be "blogging live" all week from the heart of the international horse scene, but I won't have the outward support of either the NTRA or Breeders' Cup (they thought it wasn't something that they should actively participate in - a psot for another time). That plan, “Publicity Plan B” is still in the works. Oh well, just another challenge.

Ok, I feel good about tonight's effort. I hope everyone has a great Wednesday! I don't think I'll be back in internet(s) territory until Thursday, so we'll see you then!!

In the meantime, keep on reading the Daily Racing Form, Thoroughbred Times, Bloodhorse, and even Beyer.....

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