Sunday, October 29, 2006

1:25 PM

I've completed my first complete walk through of "America's Greatest Track". So I enjoy a little hyberbole...what are you gonna do?

Churchill Downs is just an amazing place. I'm sure it helps that today's weather is just absolutely gorgeous. This entire faciltiy is a ginormous tribute to AMerican racing and the local fans here in Louisville.

For an opening day, it seems a little subdued here and in general, it feels like a smaller crowd than I had anticipated. 28,000 people in a venue capable of holding over 100,000 will ever feel like a lot, but just about every track in this country would be more than happy with that size crowd.

Here's a few more photos from my first turn around the joint:

They just unveiled a brand new statue/tribute for Pat Day. I'll get some better close ups later on today for you, but here's a shot from behind the large crowd gathered: (that's Pat in the sunglasses right next to the statue)

Here's Jockey Eddie Castro on his way out to the opening race here on opening day of the Churchill Downs Fall meet:

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