Sunday, October 29, 2006

3:00 PM

Finally made it to the betting window and waddya know. First bet's a winner! I spent the entire pre-race angin out by the paddock area scoping out the scene. Big D. Wayne walked right next to me and I was blinded by his "Bob Knight ,Hoosier Red Blazer' - that thing was bright!

Sir Biancone was holding court in the middle of the paddock before any of the horses had made there way out - for some reason Sir B. reminds me of Mel Brooks (minus the NY accent, of course).

With 12, 2 yr-olds entered in the 5th, I spent my time just watching the horses. The first horse that caught my eye was the #1. Then as the ring walk began I noticed two others that caught my eye. What do I look for? In this case the fact that these three each had their tails extremely high in the air, while every other was just laying softly upon their respective bums.

So I boxed all three in a $1 exacta and walked away with a nice little score. Of course though, I backed off the $1 tri box which would have been a REALLY nice score!!

-If the weather is anything close to what it's like today, Saturday is going to be one special day!

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