Thursday, October 19, 2006

Through thick and thin, we trot on as a success in the works

Over the past few weeks it has become increasingly difficult for me to consistently contribute content for this blog. Half-way through a firm, four-week plan, preparations for the Breeders' Cup have consumed my time and my energy. Unfortunately, much of that has been the creative juice that helps my life move forward at an enjoyable, acceptable pace.

It's times like these though, tha I'm glad I read blogs like this and this. Pauly is an excellent writer who has been able to pull me in as an avid reader. Writers, and artists in general, have an amazing ability to speak to different people in many different ways. Reading this post, helped put me in a current state of feeling like I can make a difference. And although it may be unhealthy at times, contributing to a passion, and feeling like I'm making a difference fuel my day. Some might call it "feeding the ego." I call it my life.

Being negative is a strong "Bailey Family Trait" that I am in the process of attempting to overcome. Rage is one of my most common themes. Raging at an injustice, a misquote, a snub - I think I've covered them all.

This is my latest attempt to try not to be "that guy" - the glass-is-half-empty all the time guy. I'm trying to better focus and structure my rage.

Where I could have easily started this post diving aggressively into this bit of news: (courtesy of Thoroughbred Times)

'Avioli suggested that the industry pool its resources and develop one online site for wagering.

"There's iTunes for everyone's music needs, so why can't there by[sic] iHorse," Avioli said. "We only need one site. One site would get more visits than multiple sites combined.'

Instead I will take my cue from the Quinella Queen and take a moment to celebrate the achievements of a few diehard fans who have an unmistakable passion and love for thoroughbred horse racing.
It's been 12 months since the inception of "our little group." We've tripled our participation in merely 365 days. I call that astounding. Those who have contributed in the past, and especially those who find the inspiration and motivation to continue to push on today - I say, "Very Much Cheers My Friends."

I am proud to be associated with you all. Through thick and thin, we should all take a minute to step back and take a nice long look at what we've accomplished over the past year. I've pissed some people off, and others have done the same (or at least similar).

The difference though, I am coming to learn, between bellyache and call-to-action lies in the passion that we all have to make a positive difference in something we truly care about.

Thank you for that. In this little corner of life it is greatly appreciated.

I think I'll save the negativity for tomorrow.

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